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Tony Hinds (@thetonyhinds on Twitter) is a freelance Canadian writer who studied film at the University of Winnipeg. Tony is a feature writer for The Film Stage. You can check out his city/arts interviews and film reviews at The Uniter and Step On Magazine.

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Five Great Films of 2015 (12.14.15)

Album Review: Adam Wade - The Human Comedy (11.19.15)

Review: The Look of Silence (10.23.15)

Review: Grandma (10.15.15)

Interview: Director Guy Maddin on the ghosts of cinema past and his new film The Forbidden Room (10.07.15)

Review: A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (09.29.15)

Review: Black Mass (09.24.15)

Interview: A conversation with performance artists Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan (09.23.15)

Review: She's Funny That Way (09.12.15)

Review: American Ultra (08.26.15)

Interview: Adam Brooks, co-writer, co-director and star of Astron 6's The Editor (08.20.15)

Review: The Editor (08.18.15)

Review: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (08.14.15)

Review: The Gift (07.31.15)

Review: Tig (07.29.15)

Just For Laughs Interview: Comedian Mike Wilmot in The Nasty Show (07.20.15)

Review: Maggie (07.20.15)

Review: Manglehorn (07.18.15)

Just for Laughs Interview: Ronny Chieng in The Ethnic Show (07.08.15)

Review: Self/Less (07.07.15)

Review: Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (07.06.15)

Interview: Comedian Sue Smith on her debut EP, Slutty Pretzel (05.06.15)

Interview: Comedian Von Decarlo and filmmaker Mark Farrell on Patrice O'Neal documentary Better Than You (04.30.15)

Winnipeg Comedy Fest Interview: Comedian Steve Patterson on CBC's The Debaters, the festival, and more (04.01.15)

Tony's Top Ten: Best Films of 2014 (03.22.15)

Album Review: Jon Steinberg - Between Me and the Wall (01.18.15)

Review: Frank (01.04.15)

Review: Serena (12.04.14)

Top Fives: Weird Horror Movies (10.31.14)

Album Review: Kurt Metzger - White Precious (07.28.14)

Album Review: Myq Kaplan - Small, Dork, and Handsome (05.27.14)

TV Rants & Raves - Fargo (04.19.14)

Tony's Top Ten: Best Films of 2013 (03.03.14)

TV Rants & Raves: Comedy Round-Up 2013 (12.30.13)

Review: American Hustle (12.19.13)

Top Fives: Horror Movies (That You've Probably Never Seen) (10.31.13)

Review: Escape Plan (10.19.13)

Album Review: Patrice O'Neal - Unreleased (10.11.13)

Breaking Bad - Felina (10.05.13)

Breaking Bad - Granite State (09.25.13)

TV Rants & Raves - NETFLIX Presents: Derek (09.12.13)

Review: The Act of Killing (09.10.13)

TV Rants & Raves - Larry David's Clear History (08.27.13)

Album Review: Jim Norton - Please Be Offended (08.19.13)

Review: Only God Forgives (07.24.13)

TV Rants & Raves - Netflix Presents: Arrested Development (07.02.13)

Album Review: Brian Posehn - The Fartist (06.25.13)

Album Review: Myq Kaplan - Meat Robot (06.11.13)

Review: Mud (05.16.13)

Tony's Top Ten: Best Films of 2012 (03.10.13)

TV Rants & Raves: American Horror Story - Asylum (02.01.13)

Review: Jack Reacher (12.24.12)

Review: Killing Them Softly (11.29.12)

Top Fives: Horror Movies (That Are Actually Scary) (10.30.12)

TV Rants & Raves: Boardwalk Empire (10.26.12)

Review: The Master (10.05.12)

Review: Darcy Michael - One Skinny Bitch (10.04.12)

Review: Looper (09.28.12)

Book Review: The Screenwriter's Roadmap by Neil Landau (09.27.12)

Album Review: Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman - Please Be Seated (09.25.12)

Top Fives: Kids Movies (That Aren't Really for Kids) (09.01.12)

Breaking Bad: Buyout (08.22.12)

Breaking Bad: Dead Freight (08.13.12)

Breaking Bad: 51 (08.06.12)

TV Rants & Raves: Breaking Bad (08.04.12)

Top Fives: Sports Movies (That Aren't Really About Sports) (08.01.12)

Just for Laughs Interview: Stand-up comic Hannibal Buress (the 2012 edition) (07.22.12)

Review: The Dark Knight Rises (07.20.12)

Top Five: Shows to check out in Montréal at the 2012 Just for Laughs Festival (07.19.12)

Review: Take This Waltz (06.29.12)

Interview: Harold Perrineau on 'Seeking Justice' (06.18.12)

Review: Moonrise Kingdom (06.16.12)

Review: Cosmopolis (06.08.12)

Trailer Review: Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained (06.07.12)

Top Fives: Box Office Bombs (That Were Actually AWESOME) (06.02.12)

TV Rants & Raves: Game of Thrones VS. The Wire - "The King Stay The King" (05.27.12)

Trailer Review: P.T. Anderson's The Master (05.22.12)

Underground & Overseas: Holler at Me- An Ode to 'The Heart She Holler' (05.21.12)

TV Rants & Raves: Comedy Round-Up 2012 (05.11.12)

Review: The Avengers (05.04.12)

TV Rants & Raves: Twenty Five in FOX Years (04.27.12)

Book Review: Guy Gallo's 'Screenwriter's Compass: Character as True North' (04.18.12)

TV Rants & Raves: The Real 'Luck' of David Milch (03.12.12)

Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin (03.02.12)

Underground & Overseas: Black Mirror (02.20.12)

Review: Albert Nobbs (02.17.12)

Review: The Grey (02.12.12)

Review: One for the Money (02.10.12)

Review: Carnage (01.26.12)

(Not Quite All) The Most Anticipated Films of 2012 (01.24.12)

2012 Golden Globes: Winners, Losers, and Thoughts on the Globes Telecast (01.16.12)

Review: A Dangerous Method (01.13.12)

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