30 Rock: The Fabien Strategy

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"Okay, season 5; here we go"

So says Liz Lemon as the premier episode of 30 Rock's fifth season gets underway. Tina Fey and co. know a how to milk a good formula and seem to have followed the path of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Not much new to report in this episode, the main thread being Jack meddling in Liz's burgeoning relationship with Carol (Matt Damon). Some zaniness is provided from Tracy, who is having trouble dealing with Kenneth's termination as a page, and Jenna becoming the show's newest producer.

Meanwhile Jack, aka Daddy Bear, provided the show's biggest laughs while trying to seduce James, an interior decorating old college friend of Avery.

Throw in a couple of games of Would You Rather and we have a satisfyingly safe episode. Even though Tina Fey, as Liz, pokes fun by stating, "We were suppose to get cancelled..." This kooky bunch still has a few laughs up their sleeves.

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