Brother Number One

Release November 29, 2013 (Limited)
Director Annie Goldson, Peter Gilbert
Genres Documentary
Studio KinoSmith
Length 98 mins.


Olympian Rob Hamill's older brother Kerry was killed at the hands of the Khmer Rouge - a communist party in Cambodia. Brother Number One uses Hamill’s story to explore how and why nearly two million Cambodians have been killed by the fanatical left-wing regime.

In 1978, Kerry Hamill and two friends embarked on a sailing trip from Australia to Southeast Asia, but never reached their destination. As evidence surfaces, Rob discovers that his brother and one sailor were captured, while the other was shot and killed. The two men were imprisoned for several months, tortured and then killed.

Thirty years later Rob is able to testify against the man who killed Kerry and many other innocent people. As Rob retraces his brother’s final days, he meets survivors, as well as the families of those who were killed.

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