2007 Movie Releases

By Title  •  By Release Date

1408 June 22 (Wide)

28 Weeks Later May 11 (Wide)

300 March 9 (Wide)

Alpha Dog January 12 (Wide)

Amazing Grace February 23 (Limited)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters April 13 (Wide)

Are We Done Yet? April 4 (Wide)

The Astronaut Farmer February 23 (Wide)

Because I Said So February 2 (Wide)

Black Sheep June 22 (Limited)

Black Snake Moan March 2 (Wide)

Blades of Glory March 30 (Wide)

Blind Dating May 11 (Limited)

Blood and Chocolate January 26 (Limited)

The Bourne Ultimatum August 3 (Wide)

Breach February 16 (Wide)

Bridge to Terabithia February 16 (Wide)

Bug May 25 (Wide)

Captivity July 13 (Wide)

Catch and Release (2007) January 26 (Wide)

Code Name: The Cleaner January 5 (Wide)

The Condemned April 27 (Wide)

Daddy's Little Girls February 14 (Wide)

Day Watch July 11 (Limited)

Dead Silence March 16 (Wide)

Delta Farce May 11 (Wide)

Disturbia April 13 (Wide)

Eagle vs. Shark June 15 (Limited)

Epic Movie January 26 (Wide)

Evan Almighty June 22 (Wide)

Evening June 29 (Limited)

The Ex May 11 (Limited)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer June 15 (Wide)

Fido June 15 (Limited)

First Snow March 23 (Limited)

The Flock May 11 (Limited)

Fracture April 20 (Wide)

Freedom Writers January 5 (Wide)

Georgia Rule May 11 (Wide)

Ghost Rider February 16 (Wide)

Gracie June 1 (Wide)

Grindhouse April 6 (Wide)

Hannibal Rising February 9 (Wide)

Happily N'Ever After January 5 (Wide)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix July 13 (Wide)

The Hills Have Eyes 2 March 23 (Wide)

The Hitcher January 19 (Wide)

Home of the Brave May 11 (Limited)

Hostel: Part II June 8 (Wide)

Hot Fuzz April 20 (Wide)

Hot Rod August 3 (Wide)

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry July 20 (Wide)

I Think I Love My Wife March 16 (Wide)

In the Land of Women April 20 (Wide)

The Invisible April 27 (Wide)

The Italian January 19 (Limited)

Kickin' It Old Skool April 27 (Wide)

Knocked Up June 1 (Wide)

The Last Mimzy March 23 (Wide)

License to Wed July 3 (Wide)

Live Free or Die Hard June 27 (Wide)

The Lives of Others February 9 (Limited)

Lucky You May 4 (Wide)

The Messengers February 2 (Wide)

A Mighty Heart June 22 (Limited)

Mr. Brooks June 1 (Wide)

Music and Lyrics February 14 (Wide)

Nancy Drew June 15 (Wide)

Next April 27 (Wide)

Norbit February 9 (Wide)

The Number 23 February 23 (Wide)

Ocean's 13 June 8 (Wide)

Pathfinder April 13 (Wide)

Penelope April 6 (Limited)

Perfect Stranger April 13 (Wide)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End May 25 (Wide)

Premonition March 16 (Wide)

Pride March 23 (Wide)

Primeval January 12 (Wide)

Ratatouille June 29 (Wide)

The Reaping April 5 (Wide)

Redline April 13 (Wide)

Reign Over Me March 23 (Wide)

Reno 911!: Miami February 23 (Wide)

Rescue Dawn July 4 (Wide)

Seraphim Falls January 26 (Limited)

Shooter March 23 (Wide)

Shrek the Third May 18 (Wide)

Sicko June 29 (Wide)

The Simpsons Movie July 27 (Wide)

Slow Burn April 13 (Wide)

Smokin' Aces January 26 (Wide)

Snow Cake April 25 (Limited)

Spider-Man 3 (2007) May 4 (Wide)

Stomp the Yard January 12 (Wide)

Surf's Up June 8 (Wide)

Thr3e January 5 (Limited)

TMNT (2007) March 23 (Wide)

Transformers July 3 (Wide)

Vacancy April 20 (Wide)

Waitress May 2 (Limited)

Wild Hogs March 2 (Wide)

You Kill Me June 22 (Limited)

Zodiac March 2 (Wide)

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