The Italian

Release January 19, 2007 (Limited)
Cast Yuri Itskov, Mariya Kuznetsova, Dariya Lesnikova, Denis Moiseenko, Nikolai Reutov
Director Andrey Kravchuk
Writer Andrei Romanov
Genres Drama, Family
Studio Sony Pictures Classics / Mongrel Media


It's a pretty tall order to ask a six-year-old to suddenly take on responsibility for his own life. The questions facing Vanya are really tough: does he want to live a comfortable life as an adopted child of a loving family in Italy? After all, for an abandoned Russian child like Vanya it really doesn't sound like a bad option. Serene life under the Mediterranean sun is awaiting him. But the boy longs to find his own mother, so he decides to set off in search of her. But before he can begin, Vanya must learn to read the file that holds the information he needs to find her. He embarks on his quest--and encounters a mysterious and dangerous world. The world of children is a universe with its own laws; a realm in which sometimes one's heart speaks louder than one's intellect.

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