Fed Up

Release May 9, 2014 (Limited)
Director Stephanie Soechtig
Writer Mark Monroe
Genres Documentary
Studio Atlas Films/Entertainment One
Length 92 mins.
Website FedUpMovie.com


Following a group of children over a period of two years as they go through the struggles of following conventional diet and exercise guidelines. Thirty years ago the U.S, Government put in place its first dietary guidelines and as a result, one of the greatest health epidemics of our time occurred.

Katie Couric joins Laurie David (An Inconvenient Truth), Regina Scully (The Invisible War) and Stephanie Soechtig (Tapped) to discover why, despite the large media coverage and government policies put in place to fight the problem of childhood obesity, today’s kids ultimately will have shorter life spans than their parents.

This documentary gives a deep look inside the misinformation being presented to the public by the food industry with help from the U.S. Government.

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