Merchants of Doubt

Release March 6, 2015 (Limited)
Director Robert Kenner
Writer Robert Kenner, Kim Roberts
Genres Sony Pictures Classics/Do
Studio Mongrel Media
Length 96 mins.


Exploring the world of so-called experts who make claims contrary to scientific findings. Their efforts have spread confusion and delayed action over cigarettes and toxic chemicals. Now they're concentrating on denying the man-made causes of climate change.

Director Robert Kenner traces the birth of the doubt industry to the 1950s, when tobacco companies began fighting the perception that cigarettes are harmful. Their efforts were largely successful for years. Now, climate-change denial is modelling its efforts on those of the tobacco companies.

Although legitimate scientists warn that we can't afford to delay action against fighting global warming, key climate skeptics say otherwise. Kenner uncovers their credentials and motivations and shows how they navigate the media, think tanks, and government circles.

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