The Perfect Guy

Release September 11, 2015 (Limited)
Cast Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut, Kathryn Morris, Shannon Lucio
Director David M. Rosenthal
Writer Tyger Williams
Genres Thriller
Studio Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures
Length 100 mins.


Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan), 36, is a successful lobbyist with a longtime boyfriend Dave (Morris Chestnut). She decides it's time to take the next step in her life get married and start a family. Dave isn't sure he's ready, which inevitably leads to a breakup.

Leah keeps bumping into the charming Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy) and they begin a relationship. Leah thinks she may have found the perfect guy, but she soon realizes Carter's protective nature and jealousy indicate something more sinister when he begins to get violent.

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