Sunshine Superman

Release June 5, 2015 (Limited)
Cast Carl Boenish, John Long, Ellen Houlihan, Jean Boenish, Jared Simmons
Director Marah Strauch
Writer Marah Strauch, John B. Macaulay
Genres Documentary
Studio Video Services Corp.
Length 100 mins.


Carl Boenish is considered by many to be the father of the BASE jumping movement. He was also a freefall cinematographer. His early passion for skydiving led him to ever more spectacular – and dangerous – feats of foot-launched human flight.

Boenish often filmed his jumps, which popularized BASE jumping. Boenish also published BASE Magazine to promote safety in the sport. This documentary shows Boenish's achievements, including when at age 43, he and his wife Jean broke the BASE jumping Guinness World Record in 1984 on the Norwegian "Troll Wall" mountain range for a television show called That's Incredible!. But the next day, he met with disaster.

The film includes a stunning mix of Boenish's 16mm archive footage, re-enactments and state-of-the-art aerial photography.

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