The Family Fang

Release April 29, 2016 (Limited)
Cast Nicole Kidman, Jason Bateman, Christopher Walken, Michael Chernus, Marin Ireland, Maryann Plunkett
Director Jason Bateman
Writer David Lindsay-Abaire
Genres Drama
Studio Starz Digital
Length 105 mins.


Annie (Nicole Kidman) and Baxter (Jason Bateman) have spent most of their lives trying to stay far away from their parents, Caleb (Christopher Walken) and Camille Fang (Maryann Plunkett). Over the years, the elder Mr. and Mrs. Fang have been involved in controversial work - everything from fake bank robberies to staged incidents of harassment.

After Baxter suffers a head injury, he involuntarily ends up in the care of his parents. When Annie comes to rescue him and tells them she and Baxter want no part of their upcoming "art piece," Caleb and Camille leave in anger.

Some time later, Annie and Baxter receive a call from the police to tell them their parents' car has been found abandoned. There appears to be signs of a struggle and there are blood stains in the car. They believe something terrible has happened to Caleb and Camille, but Annie thinks it just another prank. When she and Baxter disagree about what happened.

Based on Kevin Wilson's bestselling novel.

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