Release September 23, 2005 (Winnipeg, MB)
Cast Various
Director Various
Writer Various
Genres Collection
Studio Winnipeg Film Group


Harmaline (Michael Stecky • 5 mins. • 2004)
Harmaline refers to a chemical compound present in the shamanistic snuff mixture ayahussca used throughout areas of South America. This video loosely references the psychological effects of the compound as well as traditions associated with the religious use of hallucinogens.

Untitled 1 (prayerielandescape) (Sol Nagler • 5 mins. • 2004)
Isolated dreams of broken cars falling through the horizon.

Carousel (Warren Nightingale • 2 mins. • 2003)
What you are about to witness is a fear seeded from the sleepless nights of children. The still, dark night consumes what is safe about your bedroom. In a moonlight room, the shadows in the faces of toys can reflect the macabre.

Photograph (Coral Aiken • 20 mins. • 2004)
A four part series exploring a photographer and the soundscape she inhabits. Shot in sequence on super 8.

Baggage (Kevin Nikkel • 6 mins. • 2005)
What percentage of Americans pretend to be Canadian while travelling abroad?

Dreams of Mourning (Warren Nightingale • 5 mins. • 2004)
A man wakes only to find himself inside painted landscape – a moving Monet. The dreamscape is in constant flux.

Getting Warmer (John Barnard • 7 mins. • 2004)
As an unidentified woman freezes to death outside her home in a snowstorm, we are presented with private moments from her last summer at an abandoned hydro dam.

rifting/blue (Shelagh Carter • 7.5 mins. 2004)
An experimental short film, exploring women and madness, devoted to breakages and particularly focused on the appetites revealed in us as the subject is extinguished.

Asleep at the Wheel (Mike Maryniuk • 2 mins. • 2005)
Hole punched memories and hand made hallucinations.

The Sex of Self Hatred (Sol Nagler • 9 mins. • 2004)
It's 1903 and Otto Wieninger, Vienna's most self-hating Jew, has decided to kill himself in a room containing Beethoven's deathbed.

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