Sunset Story

Release February 25, 2005 (Limited)
Cast Irja Lloyd, Lucille Alpert
Director Laura Gabbert
Genres Documentary
Studio n/a
Length 103 mins.


Thwarting a popular misconception about old age, Sunset Story tells the tale of two elderly folk who remain sharp and politically charged throughout their twilight years. Filmmaker Laura Gabbert traveled to a retirement home called Sunset Hall in Los Angeles to find her subjects: Irja Lloyd and Lucille Alpert, who are 81 and 95 years old respectively. Sunset Hall's residents all have a deep interest in politics, resulting in a vibrant community of retired activists who have lost none of their passion and verve for current affairs.

Gabbert trains her camera on Irja and Lucille to highlight two typical members of the community, and the couple delight in retelling fascinating tales about their lives. They even express disappointment in their fellow residents at Sunset Hall, whom they castigate for not being quite as up-to-date on current events as they are. Fortunately Irja and Lucille are more than happy keeping each other company, and Gabbert's film reflects beautifully on two people who are clearly delighted to be caught in the throes of a flourishing friendship.

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