Come to Daddy

Release February 7, 2020 (Limited)
Cast Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie, Martin Donovan, Michael Smiley, Ona Grauer
Director Ant Timpson
Writer Toby Harvard
Genres Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Studio Saban Films/Mongrel Media
Length 93 mins.


Norval Greenwood (Elijah Wood), a privileged man-child who has been living with his mother, receives an unexpected letter from his estranged father (Stephen McHattie), who invites him to come visit at his secluded and scenic waterfront home. Norval quickly discovers that not only is dad there something off about his father and he gets an uneasy feeling. Instead of a warm family reunion with a father whom he hasn't seen for years, he discovers his father has a shady past that's rushing to catch up with him.

Now, hundreds of miles from his cushy comfort zone, Norval finds himself in a waking nightmare as he battles with demons both real and perceived in order to reconnect with a father he barely knows.

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