Release January 20, 2006 (Limited)
Cast Laura Prepon, Mischa Collins, Tess Harper, Leonard Kelly-Young, Alex Boyd, Tony Denison, Cherilyn Hayres, Kristen Swieconek, Sarah Foret, Patrick Bauchau, Brandon Routh
Director Joel Bender
Writer Joel Bender, Manette Rosen
Genres Drama, Thriller
Studio Christal Films
Length 102 mins.
Website www.karlathemovie.net


Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka's psychological dance with death and depravity will haunt you forever... because it's true.

Every scene of the film was derived from events transcribed in court testimony using police reports, interviews between Karla and her psychiatrist, and videotape of the crimes shot by the perpetrators themselves. But perhaps even more shocking than the serial rapes and murders by Bernardo, is the question of how and why a woman could love such a man to the point of becoming his accomplice... which began with her own sister?

As the gruesome events unfold, the utter lack of remorse from Paul and his quirky charisma paint a delusional world of normalcy for Karla, conflicted by her conscience but still unable to escape. In the end, this gripping, tension-packed film leaves the viewer to ponder the psyches of two individuals in a tragically demented relationship, and to judge: Was Karla herself caught in Paul's web, a victim? Or did the fact that she joined him in his crimes in spite of having an apparent conscience make her evil even deeper than his?

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