Nine Days

Release July 30, 2021 (Limited)
Cast Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, Bill SkarsgÄrd, Benedict Wong, Tony Hale, Arianna Ortiz, David Rysdahl
Director Edson Oda
Writer Edson Oda
Genres Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Studio Elevation Pictures
Length 110 mins.


In a parallel dimension, souls who have never lived before go through a nine-day process in which they undergo psychological tests and questioning. If they pass, they're given the amazing opportunity to be born and experience life.

Will (Winston Duke) is an interviewer who speaks to each of the souls. He also monitors the activities of several dozen humans in the real world via video screens. When one of his humans dies, he has to choose the next soul to be born by determining which of them would be best suited for life on Earth.

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