All Fun and Games

Release September 1, 2023 (Limited & Streaming)
Cast Asa Butterfield, Natalia Dyer, Keith David, Laurel Marsden, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth
Director Eren Celeboglu, Ari Costa
Writer J.J. Braider, Eren Celeboglu, Ari Costa
Genres Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Studio Vertical
Length 76 mins.


A Russo Brothers' ABGO production starring Natalia Dyer and Asa Butterfield, All Fun and Games explores the elements of cruelty inherent in children's games -- Flashlight Tag, Hangman, Hide & Seek -- and what happens when the games go too far. When a group of teens find a cursed knife in the woods, they unleash a malevolent demon that will not rest until it's claimed all of their lives and souls in a terrifying deathmatch.

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