Release February 18, 2005 (Limited)
Cast Christian Berkel, Daniel Brühl, Fabian Busch, Heino Ferch, Bruno Ganz, Corinna Harfouch, André Hennicke, Juliane Köhler, Thomas Kretschmann, Ulrike Krumbiegel
Director Oliver Hirschbiegel
Writer Bernd Eichinger
Genres Drama
Studio Newmarket Films / Odeon Films
Length 150 mins.


In Downfall, award-winning director Oliver Hirschbiegel brings to life the final weeks of World War II from the desperate battles raging night and day to the growing paranoia that marked Hitler's mental state. Breaking a long-standing taboo in Germany and sparking much debate, Hitler is the central character played by Bruno Ganz, whose layered performance shows many facets of history's most infamous dictator.

Based on the books "Inside Hitler's Bunker" by Joachim Fest and "Until the Final Hour" by Traudl Junge, this film shows the frantic actions of the Fuhrer and his closest confidantes as they realize their cause is lost. Vividly awakening one of history's most famous endings, Downfall is an intense, exciting film that deftly weaves together a web of dramatic wartime moments.

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