Layer Cake

Release May 13, 2005 (Limited)
Cast Daniel Craig, Colm Meaney, Sienna Miller, Michael Gambon, Kenneth Cranham, Dexter Fletcher, Jamie Foreman, Burn Gorman, Tom Hardy, Tamer Hassan, Sally Hawkins, Darren Healy, Nathalie Lunghi
Director Matthew Vaughn
Writer J.J. Connolly
Genres Crime, Thriller
Studio Sony Pictures Classics / Mongrel Media
Length 104 mins.


Sleek, well dressed and polite, our unnamed hero is a consummate professional. Treating cocaine and ecstasy like any other commodity, he has made a fortune for himself by keeping his hands clean and staying under the radar. Having made the decision to retire, his aim is to break free from the world of crime, drugs, and violence and live a simple, quiet life with the money he has amassed.

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