Teddy Geiger takes different approach to choosing new album's songs

Teddy Geiger is a young singer-songwriter I first encountered through the short-lived TV show Love Monkey, where he played a (big stretch) young singer-songwriter alongside Tom Cavanagh, Judy Greer, and Jason Priestley. Sure, it starred 2 great Canadian actors and one of my favourite actresses in the world (seriously, I love Judy Greer), but I was impressed by Geiger and his songs which were featured on the show, including its theme song "For You I Will". The song became a Top 10 single, and the album it appeared on, Underage Thinking, entered the Billboard charts at #8.

Now, Geiger is back in both the acting and music arenas. He's starring in a new comedy alongside Rainn Wilson and Christina Applegate -- The Rocker -- which hits theatres August 1st (if you're in Toronto, you can enter to win a pass to the advance screening). He's also touring the United States with a slew of new songs on the "TG33 4U Tour", and he's asking fans to help him whittle down 33 new songs (see why it's called TG33 4U now?) into 11 tracks to appear on his forthcoming album.

I know artists will often put together way more songs for a new album than will show up on there, and then piece the best ones together for the final release, but this is definitely something new. It's certainly one of the most interactive things a musician has done in a while. And what's cool is that you have the opportunity to purchase any of the 33 tracks right away if you'd like to, either on their own, in a package of 11 tracks (essentially making your own Teddy Geiger album), or in other packages along with a Ted-Heads Fan Club membership.

Just head over to the Official TG 33 Website to listen to the songs, vote on which 11 should appear on Geiger's new album, and buy any of the tracks you don't want to have to wait for the CD to be released to listen to. Personally (because I know you all care so much what I think!) here would be the 11 I'd choose for the new CD:

  1. The Half
  2. You Do
  3. Sunshine Fires
  4. Does He Love You
  5. Sweeter Than the Truth
  6. Crushed
  7. Better Off Alone
  8. Art on Fire
  9. The Only One
  10. Always Out to Get Us / March
  11. The Day That I Met You

Teddy Geiger - TG33 4U Tour - 2008:

July 2: Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

July 3: BackBooth - Orlando, Florida

July 5: Rocketown - Nashville, Tennessee

July 7: House of Blues - Chicago, Illinois

July 8: Crofoot Ballroom - Pontiac, Michigan

July 9: Music Mill - Indianapolis, Indiana

July 11: Agora Ballroom - Cleveland, Ohio

July 12: Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, New York

July 14: Club Infinity - Buffalo, New York

July 15: Street Nightclub - Northampton, Massachusetts

July 16: Paradise Rock Club - Boston, Massachusetts

July 17: Bowery Ballroom - New York, New York

July 19: Trackside Teen Center - Wilton, Connecticut

July 20: Recher Theatre - Towson, Maryland

July 21: World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 23: Norva - Norfolk, Virginia

July 24: The Handlebar - Greenville, South Carolina

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