Something Wiki This Way Comes Ep. 16: How to Be the Ultimate Jackass Fan

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We're back with one of the first episodes we'd ever recored, and that means Luke Cecelon's on board with all of his insights, and -- LOOK OUT FOR THAT PLATTER OF TACOS!!! Ha ha, just jokin'! That's what we here at SWTWC call a "prank"!

And don't worry: there are plenty more where that came from, as we explore how to be the ULTIMATE Jackass fan. Thomas admires a party boy, Jesse has difficulty reading an absurd list of men's names, and Luke describes a truly disturbing midnight prank.

Looks like they took down the article after we recorded this one. Trust us, it was a doozy.

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Something Wiki This Way Comes is a comedy / educational podcast where three improvisers (Jesse Bergen, Thomas Toles, and Luke Cecelon) walk you through a WikiHow article, and then do some improvised scenes based on their discussion.

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