Something Wiki This Way Comes Ep. 14: How to Do a Round Off in Gymnastics

Posted by: Jesse Bergen  //  February 4, 2017 @ 11:07am

Filed under: Something Wiki This Way Comes

Oh boy, have we got a wild one for you! Jesse Bergen and Thomas Toles are joined by a whopping FIVE guests this time around. East coast improvisers Spencer Dunn and Michelle Hart have stopped in on their way across Canada promoting the Canadian Improv Games (CIG)! Improv power couple Katy Bennett and Karl Plummer lend their wisdom, and returning guest Tristen Foy is back as well! All this is to say: this is a 45-minute audio file in which seven people talk about a gymnastic maneuver called a "round off".

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Something Wiki This Way Comes is a comedy / educational podcast where three improvisers (Jesse Bergen, Thomas Toles, and Luke Cecelon) walk you through a WikiHow article, and then do some improvised scenes based on their discussion.

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