Something Wiki This Way Comes Ep. 22: How to Eat Six Saltine Crackers in One Minute

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We're back after a little Fringe-induced hiatus! This one of our longest episodes yet, for learning one of our shortest skills: how to eat six saltine crackers in ONE MINUTE. They said it couldn't be done. They said it was impossible. Well, we SPIT in their faces, whoever they are. Granted, neither Thomas nor Jesse have actually tried the six saltine challenge, but nevertheless, we trust wholeheartedly in the wisdom of WikiHow. This time around the boys misremember urban legends, make a lot of religious references, and talk way, WAY too much about "gumming".

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Something Wiki This Way Comes is a comedy / educational podcast where three improvisers (Jesse Bergen, Thomas Toles, and Luke Cecelon) walk you through a WikiHow article, and then do some improvised scenes based on their discussion.

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