Something Wiki This Way Comes Ep. 23: How to Come Back to School as a Whole New You with RobYn Slade

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Are you a jock? A prep? Whatever the heck a "scene kid" is? Do you want to be? Actor/improviser RobYn Slade joins us to teach you how to reinvent yourself over the summer. Should you learn to Nollie? Work out three times? Or should you just buy some new clothes? RobYn talks about her high school wardrobe, Jesse is confused by a certain type of summer camp, and Thomas reminisces about a scary friend. Oh, and a BIG DISCLAIMER: you may need money.

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Something Wiki This Way Comes is a comedy / educational podcast where three improvisers (Jesse Bergen, Thomas Toles, and Luke Cecelon) walk you through a WikiHow article, and then do some improvised scenes based on their discussion.

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