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Dexter: Teenage Wasteland (S5E9)

Posted by: Ramya  •  November 23, 2010 @ 6:18pm

Wow – what an episode! Jordan Chase amps up his creep factor, Lumen finally meets the family and Astor returns to do her best Taylor Momsen impression.

Because of Laguerta's underhanded stunt, Deb is relegated to filing duty. However, whenever Deb hangs out with the sassy filing lady, boy talk and uncovered secrets are in abundance.

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Dexter: Beauty and the Beast (S5E4)

Posted by: Ramya  •  October 18, 2010 @ 1:33pm

Harry's Code has never been explicitly outlined for us, but we get the gist:

  1. Don't get caught
  2. Only kill bad guys

But when those two commandments are in conflict, what is a serial killer to do?

Last week's kill, leaves Dexter in that exact predicament: he unknowingly goes to town with Boyd Fowler in front of a

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Dexter: Practically Perfect (S5E3)

Posted by: Ramya  •  October 12, 2010 @ 8:36am

Deb/Oprah: "When you lose someone close, routine can be the ladder to help you climb back into normalcy."

In "Practically Perfect" Dexter (the show and person alike) seem to have gotten their groove back.

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Dexter: Hello Bandit (S5E2)

Posted by: Ramya  •  October 6, 2010 @ 8:02am

Dexter: "It's like when you get on a plane, they tell you if the oxygen masks come down, to put yours on first before taking care of the kids. I need to take care of my own needs, too. Otherwise, I'll be spinning out of control. That's not good for anyone."

Falling back into routine after a tragedy is always a struggle.

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