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The show picks up where it left off last week, with Silver standing in Ryan's living room, completely hysterical. Ryan manages to grab her before she can actually hurt him, and he holds her until she calms down a bit. She's still crying, though, and now her hand is bleeding, so Ryan offers to get her a bandage. He goes into the bathroom, and when he comes out, Silver is nowhere to be seen.

Ryan panics and starts searching the apartment for her. Silver is hiding under the kitchen table, and as soon as Ryan leaves the immediate vicinity, she takes off out the window.

Ryan, along with everyone else who has encountered Silver in the past few hours, is very concerned by her behavior. Ryan calls Kelly to explain what happened. At the same time, Debbie phones Annie (who is still talking to Ethan) to ask her if she's seen Silver recently. Annie looks worried when she hangs up, so Ethan offers to drive her home. Meanwhile, Naomi calls Adrianna to tell her about Liam (recap: he's a psychopath. And an AWESOME kisser), and Adrianna tells her about Silver's film. Everyone comes to the same conclusion: that Silver must be on drugs. We get snippets of each conversation as each character tries to figure out what she's on, which quickly disintegrates into the cast simply listing all the different kinds of drugs. Finally, Kelly calls Dixon's cell phone and ends up speaking to Harry, who asserts that they "have to find her. Before she hurts someone...or herself." (He says this with such conviction that I half expect him to put his sunglasses on before walking off-camera dramatically.)

And thus, a search party is formed.

At Kelly's house, it is decided that Debbie and Harry will go one way, Kelly and Ryan will go another, and Ethan and Annie will check Beverly Hills High. Adrianna and Navid stay at Kelly's to watch Sammy. Navid puts Sammy to bed as Adrianna cleans up from a game of Snakes & Ladders, and then the two of them make out a little bit before plunging into a conversation about what Adrianna will do with her baby. She admits that she's leaning toward adoption and then begins to cry. Later, Sammy wakes up and cries, and Adrianna struggles with trying to calm him down until Navid suggests she read him a story. She takes his advice, and it works – Sammy falls asleep halfway through the book.

While everyone else is frantically searching for his girlfriend, Dixon is at home, sifting through the remnants of Silver's fire. His phone rings, and of course it's Silver. She talks frantically, telling him that without him, life isn't worth living, and that she needs to be able to understand him. So she's "going back to the source." Dixon seems unconcerned. In fact, when Harry and Debbie show up a little while later, they find him playing video games. They ask him what's going on, and Dixon tells them that Silver is being a manipulative drama queen and that he doesn't want to deal with it. Debbie is quite concerned about her son's reaction to his girlfriend's insanity. And by the fact that he had sex and didn't tell her. So what does she do? Well, she tries to hack into his computer, of course! I'm not sure what she expects to find.

Ethan and Annie are searching the media room at school when Naomi suddenly shows up. She tells them that she's looking for Silver too. She and Annie argue, but eventually Naomi gets bored and says that she's going to keep looking. Ethan tells Annie he's going to look in the cafeteria.

Kelly thinks that "the source" that Silver was talking about must be the source of her pain, so she and Ryan head over to Mamma Silver's house. Mom is busy with a man way too young for her and is not concerned by Silver's disappearance. In fact, she laughs because Kelly is failing at taking care of her sister. As Kelly and Ryan leave, Kelly's phone rings. It's a police officer, who tells her that they found Silver's car abandoned in a parking lot, but there is no sign of Silver.

Back at the school, Naomi finds Annie trying to break into Silver's locker. Naomi knows the combination and opens it. There is a picture of Naomi and Silver as children taped inside, and Naomi tells Annie about the day it was taken. They act friendly, laughing and talking, and then suddenly remember that they hate each other, and Naomi takes off. Later, Annie tells Ethan that she doesn't think they should break up; that they have to try harder to make their relationship work. Her reasoning? She hurt Naomi by going out with Ethan in the first place and doesn't want that betrayal to be for nothing. Ethan looks skeptical, and says nothing, and finally Annie accepts that they are broken up.

Silver has ended up at the bus station. It turns out that the "source" is Kansas. She's going to go there to learn more about Dixon's past so she can understand him better. While she is waiting in line to buy her ticket, a random guy starts talking to her, and she starts babbling senselessly. As she buys her ticket and walks away, the guy gets a strange look on his face, and then rather than buying his own ticket, takes off after her. He waits until she falls asleep on a bench, and then carefully picks up her purse and takes her ID out of her wallet. He also takes her cell phone and hits redial. Harry answers, and the guy (Kevin) explains the situation and tells Harry where to find Silver.

When Silver wakes up, the first thing she sees is Kevin watching her. The second thing she sees is the time. She freaks because she's about to miss her train and runs to catch it, but she's too late. The train is pulling away as she reaches the platform. She is standing in the middle of the train tracks crying hysterically when Harry, Debbie and Dixon show up. After much coaxing to get her to move and a near miss with a train coming from the other direction, Silver ends up on the opposite platform with Dixon standing on the tracks trying to console her. He explains that his biological mom was bipolar and offers to help Silver get help. She accepts, and they walk back into the train station with Debbie and Harry.

The episode concludes with Naomi offering to drive Annie home, Kelly and Ryan calling a truce in the waiting room at the hospital as they wait for Silver, Harry and Debbie debating whether Beverly Hills is the right place to raise a family (and deciding that it is), and the Wilson family gathering in the living room for breakfast.

Tune in next week to see Tori Spelling's long-awaited return to the zip, as well as a Very Special Appearance by Diablo Cody.

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metal2000 says...

And I officially don't need to watch this show anymore.

I will, however, continue to read the recaps, because I have a tendancy to get sucked into the plot of even bad television shows -- but 5 minutes spent here is much better than wasting 42 minutes on 90210 from now on!

Apr 10, 2009 8:52am

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