What's On Tonight? - Monday, June 15

Summer TV often offers little in the way of new television beyond reality competition series, but check in with us daily to see what is in fact new and might tickle your fancy.

Monday nights are slim pickings, so my choice for quality viewing tonight? Global is re-airing Season 2 of Lie to Me at 9 PM. If you missed it the first time around, get caught up! Click below to see what you might be missing, addictive-reality-show-wise, tonight...


8:00 PM
The Bachelorette

(At the very least, it adds a healthy dose of Vancouver to your summer.)
NBC I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (2-hour ep)
(I know you're dying to find out what those Pratt scamps are up to during The Hills' off-season.)

9:00 PM
TLC Jon & Kate Plus 8

(Not sick of tabloid fodder yet? This is the show for you tonight.)

10:00 PM

(Season 5's second episode, if you're lucky enough to get Showtime.)

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