What's On Tonight? - Monday, June 22

Check in with us daily to see what's new tonight in the land of reality competition summer TV.

My pick for tonight: I haven't watched it yet myself, but CBC's Triple Sensation sounds interesting, at least. It won a Gemini, so you KNOW it's good. (Feel the sarcasm. Revel in it.)


8:00 PM
I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here
ABC The Bachelorette
CBC Triple Sensation
(Second season premiere: The performing arts series seeks out Canada's most talented young actor-singer-dancers who compete for the $150,000 Middlefield Scholarship Prize.)

9:00 PM
The Closer
A&E Intervention
Jon & Kate Plus 8
(Ooh, is this the one where they tell us they're quitting the show to work on their marriage? Sigh, probably not.)

10:00 PM
(A man seemingly killed in an accident in his garage turns out to be a twisted case of switched identity. Who did the body belong to? And where was the man who faked his own death?)
ABC Here Come the Newlyweds
(DVR note: Actually starts at 10:02, apparently.)
TLC Cake Boss
BRAVO Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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