The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.2: Recap & Discussion

This week...

Everybody still loves Globetrotters, and everybody still hates lawyers.

As the teams stayed in Vietnam, in and around the Ho Chi Minh City area (despite a mobile Pit Stop that seemed to flummox some of the more educated members of our crew of teams), we learned that Lance is a buffoon and his fiancée Keri shrieks a lot; that famous female poker players are a lot more fun when they're trying not to pass out; that Cheyne is apparently a surfer boy; and that Ron is about eight minutes away from breaking up with Marcy--who, by the way, is like a grown-up version of Natalie Portman's Garden State character.

Good thing they've been eliminated then.

Incidentally, grown-up Sam (look out or that five-year-old movie reference might hit you in the head) is not a good thing. There is a lot of flailing involved.

So who are you cheering for? I'm still on the Globetrotters' side, and Meghan & Cheyne are growing on me too. I do love a competent racer. Mostly I just want Lance & Keri to go because I am already weary of the hollering and shrieking. Can't anyone do anything quietly?

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fujitam says...

I like the Globetrotters too... although for some reason the poker players are growing on me, which is suprising cause I had a serious hate on for them after the first episode. Are you done moving now? I need a SYTYCD fix from you :)

Oct 7, 2009 4:16pm

ariana says...

I know, I'm so far behind! I haven't seen any of last week's SYTYCD (America), or any of this week's episodes yet! I will do a post... tomorrow-ish, I think?

Oct 7, 2009 4:22pm

fujitam says...

Looking forward to it :)

Oct 8, 2009 10:52am

sarahm says...

Oh my gosh I wanted to mute my TV every time Lance and Keri talked. They are so grating. And seriously Lance is like a way more annoying version of snagglepuss.

Oct 10, 2009 1:42am

ariana says...

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Oct 13, 2009 1:33pm

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