What's On Tonight? - Monday, November 23

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My pick for tonight: House! What is going to happen? Cameron ran away in a huff! Chase is devastated! Taub and 13 came back with their tails between their legs! WILL WE EVER BE RID OF FOREMAN, EVER? Why does everyone always leave EXCEPT him? And poor House with his sad, sad broken heart! This show, it is so good and it keeps getting better.


8:00 PM
NBC Heroes
CBS / CITY How I Met Your Mother
ABC / CTV Dancing with the Stars
(90-minute episode.)
CBC The Ron James Show

8:30 PM
CBS / CITY Accidentally on Purpose
CBC Little Mosque on the Prairie

9:00 PM
NBC / CITY Trauma
FOX / GLOBAL Lie to Me
(Starts at 9:01.)
CBS Two and a Half Men
CBC Just for Laughs
TLC Jon & Kate Plus 8
(Series finale! Finally! They're not coming back in some other iteration, are they?)

9:30 PM
CBS The Big Bang Theory
ABC Find My Family
(Series premiere.)

10:00 PM
NBC / CITY The Jay Leno Show
CBS / CTV CSI: Miami
ABC Castle
BRAVO Million Dollar Listing
TLC Cake Boss

10:30 PM
TLC Cake Boss

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