The Office: Sabre

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After a near-two month wait, The Office returns with a new full length episode. This episode is deliberately meant to create a different feel, which succeeds, especially when contrasted with the clipshow from 2 weeks ago. The major change which everybody encounters is the acquisition by Sabre. Despite the fact that the Scranton branch has been economically successful, the employees, especially Michael, are having difficulties adjusting. They are feeling it from the petty new changes such as the drink bottles, to the identity shifting of a paper company, to a printer company that also happens to sell paper.

Predictably, in this time of change, Michael does not cope well, and makes a bad impression on the new boss. As a nice touch of symbolism and continuing of a running joke, Michael tossing the Sabre bottle out and damaging one of the cars while driving off the property, conveyed everything that needed to be said without any words. Michael's desperation in hanging onto the past is seen by his seeking of the former chief financial officer for advice.

David Wallace, much like other former high ranking Dunder Mifflin employees such as Jan and Ryan, has found that losing the position is very difficult to cope with. Without his fancy job and responsibilities, he is actually glad that Michael paid him a visit. In his fallen state, he has resorted to dreaming about reclaiming his former glory with his awful invention idea, and wanting to work with Michael again. It seems like as the series goes on, Michael seems to be having more and more moments like this one, where he realizes that he is the sane one, and knows that he has to be self-reliant and to make proper decisions. His visit at David's house is no exception. This leads to Michael's conclusion that he does not want to end up like David, and to give Sabre a chance.

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