The Office: New Leads

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The leadership of Sabre has brought on more changes to the Scranton branch, not just in procedures and policies, but also in workplace attitude. As the sales staff have been given a greater importance in the company, they have also displayed it in their attitude towards everybody else. Despite receiving good advice from Darryl, and proper direction from Gabe, Michael following these words of wisdom, Michael was still incapable of carrying out his duties properly. His own interpretation of advice and direction furthered the animosity in between staff members, and created more problems with the passing of the sales leads to the non-sales staff.

It seemed like the problems peaked as Dwight strangled Kevin, but that was only the beginning. After mistaking Meredith as the trash, and searching the garbage bin, Dwight's insane perseverance led to him and Michael going to the city dump to hopelessly look for the sales leads. It didn't take long for the despair of searching through a city dump, to turn into an absurd physical altercation. This here is another example of The Office continuing with a running joke, in this case, being yet another deliberately badly choreographed fight between the two men. Dwight attempting to roll the cable spool into Michael had to be one of the best sight gags of this season.

While the entire staff were involved in conflict with each other, Andy and Erin managed to make the best of it. Instead of being played off each other over the sales leads, they actually turned it into a somewhat enjoyable game. Whereas Michael resorted to attempting to throw a wet kitchen sink at Dwight, Erin instead, put her jacket on Andy. In what was previously a battlefield between two men, had turned into a place for two individuals to start a relationship.

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