The Office: Body Language

Posted by: Lawrence Lee  //  April 29, 2010 @ 11:14pm

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It is typical for Michael's poor decision making abilities to have repeatedly affected the office in negative ways. As the years have passed, Michael has slowly learned to question his judgment, and to take the time to listen to his employees. "Body Language" is one of those few episodes where Michael is shown to have grown over the years. His maturity is seen in his increasing self-awareness and self-doubt, and his willingness to get second opinions from his employees. The employees, however, have been conditioned into taking the stance that Michael is usually wrong, with Pam being the only exception. Unwilling to accept everybody's take on Donna, Michael decided to leave the office to give Donna the item that she had accidentally left behind. The scene in the parking lot showed that to some degree, Michael's perception and confidence actually has some validity, and despite his fumblings, he is capable of thinking independently to some degree of success.

The other storyline that took place was the minority executive training program plot. Dwight is both afraid and respectful of Darryl, and is aware of the consequences of losing out to Darryl in the corporate race. Unable to enter himself into the training program, he hatched an absurd plan, only to have it backfire when Darryl backed out and when Ryan coached Kelly on her interview. Fearfully realizing that Kelly being in a position of authority could cause a significant amount of damage, Dwight responded in crisis management to absolutely no avail. After an unnecessary and ill-attempt to thwart Darryl, Dwight has somehow managed to create a workplace enemy in one of the employees that was previously completely inert at workplace politics.

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