The Office: The Cover Up

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In the absence of a conflict between Dwight and Jim, another conflict took place, that was very reminiscent of the every man versus the workplace goofball. Unlike Jim, Darryl is much more spontaneous with his pranking, and Andy, unlike Dwight, was not out to cause any trouble. Darryl just happened to remember an incident from two years ago, and he was exacting his revenge on Andy. In this episode of The Office, Darryl becomes a foil for Jim. Darryl is competent, respected, uses Jim's old office, is capable of wasting time, but there's one thing that makes them very different in the context of pranks: Darryl knows when to stop all together.

Dwight on the other hand, has no limits. When Michael's insecurity is tested, he tends to resort to the worst person in the office possible for help, and that person is usually Dwight. Not only did Dwight fail miserably in his whole approach, but he also created more problems. He returned to the office injured, left a membership bill for Michael, and told Donna more information than he should have, resulting in Michael finding himself in yet another plan that backfired.

One lesson that Michael has managed to learn over the years, is that honesty is the best policy. By telling Donna the truth, and by exposing his low self-esteem, for a moment it seemed like everything worked out for the best. However, Pam was able to use her own subtle investigative abilities to find information on Donna that Dwight could never uncover. This left Michael to once again confront Donna on the same issue. But this time, Michael proved be correct, only to find little glory in being right.

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