Marvel Anime X-Men - Episode 9: Revelations

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"Seems to me the problem is with the bigots, not their victims."

The X-Men are primarily trained in two areas. The first, is for the team to learn how to use their mutant powers, so that they can do good for a world that continues to mistreat them. The second area that they are trained in, is the guiding philosophy heralded by Charles Xavier. It is the ideology that not only promotes the peaceful co-existance of mutants and homo sapiens, but also asserts that there is nothing wrong with mutation, and that the powers that result from mutation are something that can be used for the good of all humanity. The marginization that mutants suffer from the homo sapiens are usually of the punishing type, that either call for the extinction of mutants, or the suppression of the mutant gene. Or in other words, a cure.

At the forefront of the cure is Dr. Sasaki. But unlike many of the standard mutant hating villains of the X-Universe, Sasaki's intentions are not driven by hate, but by compassion. When the X-Men heard of this, they are completely disgusted. To them, it is almost as if the neccessity, or even the option of a cure, is the only thing worse than persecution with the intent of extinction. But despite Sasaki's good intentions, she remains secretive and deceptive. Combined with her failure at finding a successful cure, which only resulted in more problems, things take a turn for the worse when Emma Frost has tracked Mastermind down, and confronted him of his involvement.

It turned out, as far as this episode has unveiled, that it was Mastermind who messed around with Cyclops' mind, making him believe that Emma Frost had a role to play in the Phoenix Saga. Mastermind also went one step further to exploit Wolverine's unrequited affection for Jean Grey, making him go on his violent bezerker barrage against the team. Cyclops, having fully realized what the truth really is, regained his confidence, taking out Wolverine without hesitation, and telling Mastermind that he would kill him. The scene where Cyclops deals with Wolverine is a nice contrast to an earlier episode, when Wolverine gets mad at Cyclops for not using his optic blast on an enemy. In this episode, Cyclops has no hesitation in firing his optic blast, even if it was on Wolverine. At this point, it is clear that the X-Men have their leader back.

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