Marvel Anime X-Men - Episode 10: Countdown

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"Lady, are you insane? Actually, I kinda hope so for your sake. Because I can't believe any sane person could have been so stupid."

There was a lot of good, and a lot of bad in Countdown. The good consisted of the further interrogation and investigation on Dr. Sasaki, especially on Beast's part. Beast's ability to put together the pieces, combined with his scientific knowledge makes him an important part of the X-Men. Beast's leadership skills are shown in this process, as the other X-Men not only deferred to Beast's investigation, but also followed in his calmness. Instead of resorting to violence, Beast used words and factual truths to achieve his goal, which was ultimately, getting Sasaki to confess her part.

Sasaki's insanity, ambition, and lastly, her failure are all key elements that not only characterize her, but also of the X-Men universe . Hiring the U-Men to do her dirty work, getting fooled by Mastermind, and the cure actually being a virus, show the irrational and prejudiced homo sapien take on mutants. Just how far is somebody willing to go to find a cure?

This is where the bad part of this Marvel Anime series comes in. It was severely obvious from early on that Sasaki telling Xavier that their kid was dead was a lie. The incompetent attempt at suspense at what the secret behind the door was, turned out to be predictable from a mile away. This part of the story was, however, heavily made up for in a lot of what else was revolving around it. Now that the so-called mystery is out of the way, the final episodes will conclude with how the Inner Circle plan on exploiting Sasaki's plans.

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