Marvel Anime X-Men - Episode 12: Destiny

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"Nevermind. Just hearing you call me that is enough. It means you forgive me."

Destiny is easily the worst episode of this series, as there were a lot of bad decisions that went into it. The first was not having an antagonist for this final episode. In the place of the U-Men, and the Inner Circle, was the undeveloped and uninteresting bastard son, Takeo. Basing the entire episode around him was a mistake that never should have been made. Secondly, Beast was uncharacteristically stupid in this episode. Even after Storm warned everybody that Takeo could negate the team's mutant powers, Beast charged right at Takeo, only to find out that he should have listened to Storm. Lastly, and most damaging, was the constant pulling of the sentimental strings.

Take Sasaki. After she confessed her mad scientist ambition, has there been an episode where she does not cry? No. It seems like Sasaki's voice actress spends more time sobbing than speaking. And then there were Armor and Xavier who added to this bad attempt at a dramatic moment. Armor could not help but think of her past with Takeo (insert mandatory flashback here), and Xavier deciding to shut down Takeo's mind, at the cost of his own life. Next, Sasaki unleashed her little cure on Takeo, leading to a god awful scene where everybody is holding hands, and Sasaki dropping the cure as she fell to her knees. Somewhere inside this whole mess, as if things were not over the top enough, the presumably dead Jean Grey just had to make an appearance in a dream, further adding to the ambiguity of whether or not she is alive or dead. And when it was all said and done, Xavier and Sasaki were left blaming themselves for their incompoetence at parenting, and Cyclops gives Jean Grey's necklace to Armor, and officially welcomes her to the team.


What an awful end to a series that had so much promise. The animation and art design were top-notch, the music was phenomenal, the cast was kept to a bare minimum, and the proper voice actors returned for their roles. But the decision to cut and past the Proteus storyline, center the main story around a character that was locked up, and add a lot of bad attempts at being emotional, not only ruined this series, but took away the chance for it to be a refreshingly new contribution to X-Men in animated form.

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