Fringe: Everything in its Right Place

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This latest Fringe episode's title, "Everything in its Right Place", seemed to suggest everything being back to normal with Peter and the gang (so to speak). However, after the episode's opening five minutes the title actually alludes to a very different character finding their right place. Actor Seth Gabel gets his much overdue spotlight episode for both his Agent Lincoln Lee and alternate version Captain Lee.

While feeling on the outs after Olivia has her memory restored and is back together with Peter, Agent Lee volunteers to travel to the alternate universe for a routine debriefing. Just moments after Agent Lee crosses the bridge to the other side he joins Bolivia and his double Captain Lee on a devolving fringe case. The fringe case being: a secret vigilante that targets criminals during their attacks. After finding some of the bodies from the vigilante's killing Agent Lee finds some familiarities the alternate universe's Fringe Division aren't used to on their side and stays to help with the investigation.

It was great to see Seth Gabel get his own episode after he got promoted to series regular awhile back. Gabel was getting a lot more screen time and relevant story arcs with Joshua Jackson out for the first part of the season, but now that Peter is back in the picture Agent Lee's role is kind of in limbo. Fringe has always done a great job making the differences between their regular universe characters and their alternate ones, so having Gabel play off himself was a real treat to watch.

Looking back at "Everything in its Right Place" there were some huge game changing elements to the episode even if they seemed to be down played as the episode moved along. By that I mean the fact the riffs in the alternate universe where they have to use their amber protocol are apparently starting to heal themselves. Bolivia reveals to Agent Lee that the healing has to do with the bridge being in place, and thus 'stabilizing the spacial riffs in the amber areas' as she puts it. Not sure what that will mean in the future for these two universes but as of this episode the mood between the two worlds has done a 180. Before the alternate universe felt at war with the regular universe yet with their world healing and it being public knowledge it is because of the help from the regular universe everyone in the alternate universe sees the other side as friends and allies.

From the way this episode ended it seems like Agent Lee might be transferring, if you will, to the alternate universe's Fringe Division after the tragic death of Captain Lee; during the apprehension of the shape-shifter vigilante. I can't see it being a quick fix for either side but Agent Lee and Bolivia could eventually form some kind of work/personal relationship over time. What I can see happening sooner than that is Agent Lee helping Bolivia find the leak in Fringe Division (aka Col. Broyles) in the wake of Captain Lee's dead. The two were quick to move after the vigilante, Canaan a defective/defected shape-shifter, changes sides and they capture Evil Nina (aka alternate Nina). Should be interesting to see how the two universes really begin to work together since there are people working on their opposite worlds now.

After seeing Agent Lee stay when he escorts Canaan across the bridge the episode's title becomes fitting. There is still much mystery around these shape-shifters of Jones and even more around Canaan. Walter and Peter look to welcome Canaan with open arms at the end of the episode so only time will tell if this new alliance is more risk than reward.

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