Girls: The Return

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"Of course you're embarrassed, because this is horribly embarrassing for everyone involved."

"The Return" is the first episode of Girls to take place in Hannah's hometown in Michigan, as she flew in for her parents' anniversary. This episode focused on not only the differences between New York and the hometown, but also in Hannah's choice of men.

It did not take long for some pointless bickering to take place between Hannah and her parents. After Hannah was told that there was food in the fridge, she made it clear to her parents that she was not hungry. Moments later, she raided the fridge.

The next morning, Hannah was woken up by her mother and told to go and buy meds for her. Instead of going straight to the pharmacy, Hannah stopped by at a local coffee shop first, where she caught up with an old friend that works there. Hannah learned from the coffee shop girl that there was a benefit event taking place that night.

While at the drug store, Hannah ran into Eric, somebody she used to go to school with, who now co-owns the drug store. Eric was portrayed as responsible, gainfully employed, well dressed, generous, helpful, and polite. A stark contrast to Adam. After the transaction, Hannah agreed to go with Eric to the benefit event.

To prepare for her date, Hannah spoke to herself in front of the mirror. "You are not in danger of mortifying yourself. The worst stuff that you say, sounds better than the best stuff that some other people say." Said the woman who cracked a rape joke at a job interview.

After having pizza (the title image), Hannah and Eric headed to the benefit event. This event was a fundraiser where the money would go to investigating the death of the woman that the benefit event was honouring. Despite the tragedy, the event had some of the worst entertainment possible on the part of coffee shop girl and two of her friends. It was complete with a tasteless dance that had butts being waved all over, and auto tuned singing to bad lyrics about the dead girl.

Meanwhile at restaurant s'il vous plate, Hannah's parents talked about how their parenting, and their concerns about Hannah's future. They discussed things like Hannah's writing, cutting her off financially, and having fun.

Cut to...

Hannah and Eric in bed together. Long story short, what happened here was a total 180 degrees different from all the scenes of Hannah and Adam together.

Cut to...

We here at Showbizmonkeys believe in keeping this site as clean as possible. So therefore, we will not be recapping how Hannah's father ended up on the bathroom floor all naked, on the day of his wedding anniversary.

We assure you the screen capture here is the most inert part of the scene. If you have not watched this episode yet, and you find this image revolting, we strongly advise that you do not watch it. You have been warned.

Hannah was asked by her mother about how she was doing. Her mother had some second thoughts about cutting Hannah off financially. Despite Hannah's recent financial and employment struggles, she told her mother that she was doing okay.

At the end of the episode, Hannah had a talk with Adam over the phone. She reflected on her visit to Michigan, and admitted to having called Adam to check on him. They ended up having a lengthy conversation that lasted into the credits, which should hint at a likely reconciliation of some sort between the two of them.

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