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"Help? I don't want to help. No one does anything because they want to help. I was doing it because I love you."

"She Did" was about everybody but Hannah's life moving forward. It was not that Hannah was denied this opportunity, but it was that she was incapable to do so. Something could have happened in the form of Adam offering to move in, but Hannah ended up blowing that one.

In order to deal with her lack of employment and having to pay for rent, Hannah ended up getting a job with Ray at the coffee shop. She got scolded by Ray, for playing sick in order to get out of working, to attend an event that both she and Ray were invited to.

Marnie was able to move into Shoshanna's apartment because Jessa had been inexplicably absent. It turned out that the party was a surprise wedding, where Jessa and that threesome attempt "Weirdo" were getting married.

Ray seemed to remember Shoshanna a little bit too well from The Bushwick warehouse party. They ended up leaving together.

"Just stay out of my emotional way," Shoshanna told him.

Hannah had a moment to talk to her now gay ex-boyfriend, Elijah. She then invited Elijah to be her room mate. Next, Hannah outed the two of them to her Elijah's boyfriend, George, on having a sexual transmitted disease.

Hannah broke the news to Adam that she found a new room mate, and that he would not have to move in. Adam saw his offer to move in as their relationship moving forward, and he took offense to what Hannah did. Hannah then let her mouth do the thinking for her, causing Adam to walk out on her.

Hannah went outside to find Adam and to give him a piece of cake. They ended up getting into an argument, with Adam giving Hannah a speech on how she is not special. Before it could go on any further, Adam was run over by a vehicle.

"She Did" saw Marnie in the best mood this whole series. She had finally been able to move on from her break-up with Charlie.

This happened on the same day she moved away from Hannah. Coinicidence?

Even after getting run over, Adam was still upset at Hannah. While he was getting strapped into the ambulance, he told the paramedics to leave Hannah behind.

Hannah left on a subway, but fell asleep not knowing where she was when she woke up. As the sun came out, she found herself on the beach, having that piece of cake for breakfast, that she had saved for Adam.

In the inner reality of Hannah's mind, she is a victim. She is also a decent person, but that is not always conveyed to the outside reality. Her inability to make the right decisions as a result of her delusions, has hurt her and the people around her. Marnie has moved out, and she is happier than ever. Adam wanted to move in, but all that came to a crash. In the end, Hannah was all alone, and having to deal with the consequences of the inside of her mind not being in sync with the outside world.

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