The Vampire Diaries: She`s Come Undone

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It isn't torture, it's an intervention.

Trapped, starved and suffering from the love of the Salvatore brothers, Elena's humanity may not appeal to her but it's considerably easier than what they are putting her through. After she tried to kill Bonnie, Stefan and Damon have resorted to pain to get Elena to flip the switch and turn her emotions on. Caroline isn't happy about their methods but after she feeling Elena's sting, she's a bit more open to their process. Elsewhere, Bonnie is meeting with Katherine to make a deal. If Katherine gives her Silas's tombstone she will give her something that she has wanted for half a millennium: her freedom. Matt is also concerned for Elena and even manages to put Rebekah in her place on his way to Damon and Stefan's house (bonus!). Shortly after he arrives, Rebekah shows up; sorry for what she said and willing to help with Matt's failing grades. Caroline wants in on this crazy study time action (she did buy him a graduation gown already) but just when she is about to get into her car, she is greeted by Klaus. As it turns out, Silas has taken Klaus' form and wants to know where Bonnie is and is willing to hurt those closest to Caroline to get answers. After failing to get a reaction from Elena, Stefan and Damon know that they need help from someone that won't hold back and Katherine is the answer. Unfortunately, the two of them should have known that no one can control Katherine as she frees Elena to make it on her own. After resorting to torture and starvation to weaken Elena's resolve, Stefan and Damon may be running out of options to save the girl they love.

After a number of abysmally bad episodes, She's Come Undone was a very strong episode for The Vampire Diaries. Though there were a few different stories going on between Bonnie and Katherine, the Salvatores and Elena, and Caroline and Silas(ish), they all felt connected. With so many characters, this can often be a struggle for the show to maintain the emotion and rhythm between so many characters but it was remarkably organic this week. The biggest relief is that Elena now has her emotions back as this was a long overdue event to happen. Seeing a sired Elena and then an emotionless, annoying Elena made for a very unlikeable central character and dragged the show down throughout the season. I do wonder if having her focus on her hate for Katherine is the right choice this late in the season. Katherine's return this year felt forced and predictable and having Elena concentrate her efforts on her over Silas and impending doom makes me question her priorities.

Speaking of Silas, he is probably the oldest and most underdeveloped villain in the history of The Vampire Diaries. Everything we know about him we learned from the long winded Atticus Shane but nothing from the character. Why does he feed on blood if he isn't a vampire? What happens after he is reunited with his ex? These are just some of the answers I would like to hear from him and not Bonnie. The way that Silas is portrayed is also incredibly weak. The makeup on his face is uninspired and it seems to obscure whatever performance the actor is attempting to put across. Adding to that is a poor voice over that is more comical than frightening. Elijah and Klaus' early appearances were more memorable than this but they are unique whereas Silas is as generic as they come.

Once again, Zach Roerig shows why Matt is the emotional core of The Vampire Diaries. With her brothers out of town, Rebekah needed someone to complain to but Matt wouldn`t have it. Too caught up in the lives of his friends and their wellbeing, Matt has lost focus on himself. Matt gave it back to Rebekah and then some. Then later again, it was Matt`s death (sort of) that wrenched Elena back to the surface. Roerig is simply fantastic as Matt and his chemistry with Rebekah is always the highlight of the show. Holt`s ability to carry Rebekah`s charm and vulnerability is disarming, making her instantly likeable even after trying to belittle Matt and his friends.

She's Come Undone was a huge improvement from the recent weeks of the show and a much needed boost that The Vampire Diaries needs going into the last two episodes. We`ll see if Elena gets her revenge on Katherine in next week`s The Walking Dead.

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