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I have a confession to make: I do not like Boston Legal this season. I thought this would be the year of Jerry and all that is good, but instead it is the year of hating Lorraine and I spend all of her scenes making jokes about how she's probably a man and sighing and wishing she would just leave already. And then I compose letters to David E. Kelley inside my head and ask him what the hell he was thinking. But it's not just Lorraine, honestly. Last night's episode was the most depressing episode ever, including that death penalty one where Alan went to Texas just to lose and watch an innocent man die. Who did not see where the Joseph Washington storyline was going? It'd be one thing if it had been enjoyable in its predictability, but it most emphatically was not. Also, has Alan ever had a less sympathetic client in five seasons of defending people who are guilty as sin? And still no meta references (that I can recall,) and even the balcony scene failed to deliver last night, which I'm pretty sure is a first.

On the plus side, Katie is the best new character we've seen on the show since, well, Jerry first came along. She is absolutely charming. I am simultaneously rooting for her and Jerry to get together and scared to death it actually will happen and Jerry's heart will get broken.

Larroquette is not as fun as I thought he would be, but he's not playing Dan Fielding or Lionel Tribbey, so perhaps that was to be expected. If they had kept Paul, he and Shirley could still be the cranky parental figures reining everyone in and Carl could be misbehaving, the way he should be.

It looks like DEK has been credited for writing or cowriting all of the episodes so far, so that's one theory of mine out the window. Maybe working on Life on Mars US is sucking the life out of the scripts. I do think the latest cast shakeup was a bit too much. Can I get a Coho and a Claire back if I return this Lorraine and maybe a couple of Clarence's personalities? Well, it was just a thought.

I thought that last season started out shaky, too, so I've been expecting things to turn around, for the cast to start to jell the way they always have before. Last night, I started to lose hope. Prove me wrong, BL. I really, really want to be wrong.

On the other hand, in happier news, House has done a fabulous job of reinventing itself this season. I had given up on the show more than a year ago due to my overwhelming dislike of the ducklings and, well, the medical stuff always tended to freak me out. But at the urging of a friend, I gave the season premiere a spin and the new ducklings have cured what ails me. Not only do I love the new ducklings (come back, old guy who was not a real doctor!), I think House (the character) works better in this classroom-type setting. Hugh Laurie shines with his crop of wannabes.

I'm pretty sure my favorite new ducklings are going to get booted and Foreman is already back, but I'm having a good time for now. I'll take it, and gladly.

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