On the TV, April 4 (BSG DAY!)

8:00 PM

  • ghost whisperer on CBS

9:00 PM

  • canterbury's law on FOX
  • what not to wear on TLC

10:00 PM

  • battle 360: the grey ghost on HISTORY
  • battlestar galactica [fourth season premiere] on SCIFI
  • numbers on CBS

TCM watch: The Tunnel of Love (a cartoonist and his wife adopt a baby who looks a bit too much like the cartoonist) at midnight; there will be a slew of Bette Davis over the weekend, including a triple feature of The Corn Is Green (a spinster schoolteacher tries to cultivate a gifted student among illiterate miners in 1890s,) The Bride Came C. O. D. (a Texas oil tycoon pays a pilot by the pound to fly his daughter out of a marriage,) and The Letter (a woman in Malaya kills a man, telling her husband and lawyer it was self-defense,) starting at 9 am on Saturday; Dark Victory (an heiress with only months to live embarks on a social whirl, then marries her doctor,) also starring Ms. Davis, airs early on Sunday at 12:45 am with Dangerous (a Connecticut architect with a fiancée falls for a boozing actress with a husband) following; once all the Bette Davis-ing is over, the original film version of King Solomon's Mines will be on at 6:30 am and The Big Sleep (Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, 'nuff said) at 4 pm.

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