On the TV, May 16

8:00 PM

  • ghost whisperer [third season finale] on CBS
  • the sarah jane adventures on SCIFI

8:30 PM

  • the sarah jane adventures on SCIFI

9:00 PM

  • doctor who on SCIFI
  • moonlight [series finale] on CBS
  • what not to wear on TLC

10:00 PM

  • battlestar galactica on SCIFI
  • numbers [fourth season finale] on on CBS

TCM watch for tonight:

  • 8:00 pm Edge of the City (an army deserter and a black dock worker join forces against a corrupt union official)
  • 11:15 pm The Defiant Ones (two convicts, a white racist and an angry black, escape while chained to each other)


  • 3:45 pm Operation Petticoat (during World War II, the crew of a decrepit submarine takes on a team of Navy nurses)
  • 6:00 pm Juggernaut (two demolitions experts race the clock to find and disarm a set of bombs placed on an ocean liner at sea)
  • 8:00 pm Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (when their older brother marries, six lumberjacks decide it's time to go courting for themselves)


  • 3:00 am Seven Samurai (Japanese villagers hire a team of traveling samurai to defend them against a bandit attack)
  • 6:30 am Angel on My Shoulder (the Devil sends a murdered gangster to Earth as a respected judge)
  • 10:00 am Born Yesterday (a newspaper reporter takes on the task of educating a crooked businessman's girlfriend)
  • 4:00 pm Boeing Boeing (a playboy uses airline schedules to maintain "exclusive" relationships with three flight attendants at the same time)

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