Interview: Heroes star James Kyson Lee talks about the return of Bryan Fuller and where the show is headed

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You may not know his name, but if you've watched the NBC show Heroes over the last four seasons, you definitely know who James Kyson Lee is. As Hiro's best friend Ando, Lee has often been the voice of reason to Hiro, the "normal" sidekick friend to the guy with the superpowers. But earlier this season, Ando gained an ability of his own and Hiro lost his, so the roles have been reversed, giving Lee a lot more to do on the show.

Though to many fans, the show hasn't quite re-discovered the magic it had during its first season, the second half of Heroes' third season has definitely changed things up for the heroes (and to me, anyway, for the better). Some of that can be attributed to the return of writer Bryan Fuller, who left the show two years ago to work on his amazing ABC show Pushing Daisies. But since that show was sadly cancelled earlier this season, he was available to re-join Heroes creator Tim Kring at the NBC drama, and things are looking up.

A few weeks ago in Los Angeles, we got the chance to visit James Kyson Lee on the Heroes set, and he talked to us about Fuller returning to the fold, along with a host of other topics. Besides Heroes, which airs Monday nights at 9/8c on NBC, be sure to check out James in the Sci-Fi Channel movie Terminal Shock airing this spring, and the feature How to Make Love to a Woman hitting theatres later this year.

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