Interview: Grand Analog's Odario Williams talks about the group and new album Metropolis is Burning

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Grand Analog can't be pigeon-holed into one musical genre. Incorperating elements of hip-hop, rock 'n roll, reggae, dub, blues, and even a bit of punk rock, there's a lot of musical flavour to experience. Having played the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX twice already is pretty impressive for this young collective of Winnipeg and Toronto musicians, and it's a testament to how engaging their live show is. There are certainly examples of hip-hop using live instrumentation -- The Roots and k-os instantly come to mind -- but it's not something you see everyday, and when the musicians are on, it makes for an incredible live experience. had the chance to talk with emcee Odario Williams to talk about the history of the band, what makes them tick, and the state of hip-hop in general. With their new album, Metropolis is Burning, hitting the stores this week, it feels like Grand Analog is on the verge of breaking huge. The material is certainly there.

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