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I'm a simple Star Trek fan. I've never liked the terms "Trekkie" or "Trekker"; I even get embarrassed when people call themselves that. Yet I own a shirt with Captain William T. Riker's silhouetted beard on it. I'm definitely a fan of the Star Trek universe, no matter what you call me.

So I was rather excited to hear that Paramount Pictures would be doing another film in the franchise. BUT as a The Next Generation (and then later Deep Space Nine) fan, I was a little disappointed to hear that the movie was going to be a prequel as opposed to a continuation of the current series. The prequel-fad had finally hit too close to home for me! Will I never see Sisko on the big screen?? For shame, Paramount, for shame!

Once I calmed down and began to accept this change, I realized it's not entirely a bad thing. It will be nice to see Kirk kicking ass on the big screen again; enjoy McCoy cursing at Spock's logic; maybe even if we're lucky, hear Chekov say something about "Nuclear Wessels". It can't be all that bad, right??

So now I'm excited for it! And to help with the excitement I and many other fans are no doubt starting to feel, Paramount released a teaser for the movie at the beginning of Cloverfield! Normally I wouldn't want to review a teaser -- there's not much to review -- but this teaser was one I was eagerly awaiting, so it seemed fitting it would become my first review.

I don't want to spoil the teaser by explaining it, as it is pretty much only one scene. But I will tell you that the trailer uses examples from the past century's exploration of space coupled with a building climax of fantastic reverence on the screen to make you feel like this film won't be science-FICTION, it will be science-FUTURE. Something we could achieve if we want it. Which is what Gene Roddenberry envisioned some 42 years ago in the first place!

I know this is only a teaser, but I only gave it a 4 out of 5 only because I was hoping for just a LITTLE more at the end of the teaser. Most teasers I've enjoyed have gone that extra mile to make you want to jump up in the theatre (or your computer room) and yell "YEEEE HAAAAWWW!!!!!" (or something to that effect) but this one, while making me turn my speakers to maximum volume, just didn't get me out of my seat. Maybe it's because I knew what it was ahead of time, maybe not.

Regardless, it will definitely keep me satiated until an actual full trailer becomes available. So if you're a Trekkie, a Trekker or just a simple Star Trek fan, I think you'll enjoy this teaser.

The Star Trek teaser can be found here:

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