The Paranoids

Release January 8, 2010 (Limited)
Cast Daniel Hendler, Walter Jakob, Jazmin Stuart, Martin Feldman, Miguel Dedovich
Director Gabriel Medina
Writer Gabriel Medina
Genres Comedy, Drama
Studio Oscilloscope Laboratories
Length 104 mins.


Thirty-something Luciano Gauna (Daniel Hendler) is odd. A failing screenwriter in Buenos Aires, Luciano lives in an almost intense state of paranoia, afraid of everything from STDs to even his doorman. When his childhood friend Manuel (Walter Jakob), a very successful TV producer, returns from Madrid with his stunning new girlfriend Sofia (Jazmín Stuart), Luciano’s world is thrown into a near desperate funk. He discovers that Manuel has unflatteringly modeled him as the lead character on a successful Spanish TV show called "The Paranoids," which Manuel is now bringing to Argentina.

When Manuel leaves on a business trip to Chile, Luciano’s remaining grip on reality unravels when he’s left alone with Sofia and her alluring charm.

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