Bad Education (2004)

Release November 19, 2004 (Limited)
Cast Gael Garc�a Bernal, Francisco Boira, Javier C�mara, Alberto Ferreiro, Daniel Gim�nez Cacho, Llu�s Homar, Francisco Maestre, Fele Mart�nez, Petra Mart�nez, Leonor Watling
Director Pedro Almod�var
Writer Pedro Almod�var
Genres Art/Foreign, Drama
Studio Sony Pictures Classics
Length 109 mins.


In the early 60s, two boys � Ignacio and Enrique � discover love, movies, and fear in a Christian school. Father Manolo, the school principal and literature teacher, both witnesses and takes part in these discoveries. The three characters come against one another twice again, in the late 70s and in 1980. These meetings are set to change the life and death of some of them.

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