Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace

Release October 29, 2004 (Limited)
Cast Phil Caracas, Nancy Riehle, Emma Maloney, Jeff Moffet, Josh Grace, Ian Driscoll, Patricia Bellemore, Nancy Bouzi, Shana Betz, Lloyd Kauffman
Director Lee Gordon Demarbre
Writer Ian Driscoll
Genres Action, Comedy, Horror
Studio Odessa Filmworks
Length 116 mins.
Website www.odessafilmworks.com/hkatpn


A valuable necklace has gone missing, and Harry Knuckles, AKA Special agent Spanish Fly, is on the case! But getting his hirsute hands on the prize isn't going to be easy for the diminutive dynamo. Armed with a lethal arsenal of kung fu moves, a hair trigger temper, and a fistful of moxie, Harry's ready to knuckle up against any and all comers.

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