Think Global, Act Rural

Release April 15, 2011 (Limited)
Director Coline Serreau
Genres Documentary
Studio Mongrel Media


Explore the very concrete local solutions to the global ecological mess. What are the common points between the millions of landless workers of the plains of Brazil, a couple of microbiologists in France, the world's biggest organic plantation in Ukraine and Vandana Shina's experimental farms in India? Their struggle: a better soil quality and a wiser access to seeds.

Their goals: agricultural self-sufficiency and a better use of limited resources. Award-winning filmmaker Coline Serreau, who started her career with militant documentaries, returns to her grassroot techniques: she travels the world in search of the ones who respect the soil and she sheds a new light on the multiple initiatives that will allow every one answer the question what can I do to save our planet.

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